Authentic Mid-Century style building materials and DIY kits for your home.

Sara Miller

Instagram Maven

Make it Mid-Century is a vital resource for anyone striving to have an authentic mid-century home. Whether you have a new home and want to recreate the period look, or you have a true vintage home and are trying to source period correct materials, Make it Mid-Century is the go-to spot for everything to make your home mid-century perfect! Through her tireless dedication to providing beautiful mid-century touches for your home, from the front door to the back door and everywhere in between, Susan Halla and her company Make it Mid-Century truly are a bright spot in the mid-century community!

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Adrian Kinney_White_Circle

Adrian Kinney

Realtor and Customer

Make it Mid-Century has been exactly what my clients and I have needed! As a specialized MCM broker, MCM Interior designer, MCM flipper/rehabber, Make it Mid-Century has filled the niche to help us make our projects that much more authentic! The SparkleLam™ was a lifesaver as we have been trying to find something as close as possible to the old laminate, without success. Susan, the owner, has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She gets the mid-century community and strives to enhance it, and caters to our niche needs. Orders are filled and shipped quickly, questions answered rapidly, and our one hiccup was corrected almost instantly and to a greater standard than we could have imagined. Thank you, Susan, and Make it Mid-Century for everything. I look forward to a long partnership!

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Kristina Starr

Rocket Century

As a mid-century furniture dealer, we have a lot of clients who specifically bought their homes because of the original mid-century bones and architecture. Many of them are just as geeked as we are about little details like original hardware, kitchens, and bathrooms. With that said, many also need and want to go back to the original look of their home which may have changed over the years by people wanting to “update” the house. Often things like garage doors and front doors have been replaced by more traditional doors that truly don’t work well with the look and architecture of their modern home. Make it Mid-Century offers great quality replacements for these items that work with the original design intention of their homes.

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Sean Hayes

Mid-Century Realtor
CB Premier Group

Many of our Mid-Century home clients are looking to renovate their homes to recreate the original vibe. Make It Mid-Century is an amazing resource for our clients who want to accomplish these transformations. 

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Nathan Wilbur

Founding Member

As a mid-century preservation organization, homeowners frequently ask us for suggestions about repairing or replacing original details in their homes. Having a quality resource like Make It Mid-Century to refer them to has been wonderful.

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