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1960s Japanese Lantern Ornament DIY

November 30, 2021
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* This can be made with other papers.

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Materials With Text

Step 1:

1a. Cut a rectangle from the foil origami paper (thicker paper) using the dimensions shown on the download.

Step 1a

1b. Turn right-side down. Add a strip of double-sided tape to the long edge of the rectangle.

Step 1b

1c. Using a hot glue stick, roll the paper into a cylinder starting with the empty long edge and rolling towards the tape side. (Don't wrap too tightly or the tube will not come off the hot glue stick.) Make sure the edge is sealed.

Step 1c

1d. Leave on the hot glue stick and set aside.

Step 1d

Step 2:

2a. Cut shapes one and two per the download file below from the metallic cello. (You can cut them both from the same sheet or pick two different colors).

Step 2a

2b. Cut slots in each of the two shapes 1/8" apart as shown by the dashed lines on the download. in shape one, the slots are 2 3/4" long centered from top to bottom, but in shape two, the slots should go all the way to the edge as shown.

Step 2b

Step 3:

3a. Cut or tear small pieces of double-stick tape to fit tabs on shape one.

Step 3a

3b. Using the tube that you made in step one still on your hot glue stick, slowly and as tightly as possible, wrap the left side of the shape around the left end of the tube.

Step 3b

3c. Like step 3b, compress shape one so that you can wrap the right side of the shape around the right side of the tube from step one.

Step 3c

Step 4:

4a. Cut or tear small pieces of double-stick tape to fit both the tab and the opposite end of shape two as shown.

Step 4a

4b. Using the non-tab tape section, attach shape two to the left end of your tube over shape one. You can pull the right end of shape one off of the tube to give you more room. wrap shape two around shape one and seal with the second piece of double-stick tape on the tab.

Step 4b

Step 5:

5a. With your metallic thread and needle, carefully twist through the tube and shape one and pull thread through. Do not squish tube.

Step 5a

5b. Knot the two ends of thread and trim ends as needed.

Step 5b


For storage, you can pull the bottom end of shapes one and two off of the tube to make a long cylinder. Protect in paper or cardboard to prevent squishing.



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