mid century designMake it Mid-Century was born from a need for the owner, Susan Halla, to forge a different path in life for her and her family.

Susan is an architect by background with a Master’s degree in historic preservation that she had yet to use as life took her in other directions. Susan lives in a mid-century house in St. Louis, Missouri and has always loved working on it to bring back authenticity lost to multiple remodelings over the years. She has created a mid-century wallpaper stencil for the lower level, refinished a vintage Preway fireplace for her amazing covered porch and even replaced her front door with a period appropriate design (all with the help of her lovely husband, Stephen). She’s an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer, and there is always a project going on in her house.

It hasn’t always been easy making modifications to her mid-century home.  Finding materials and products that mimic the vintage flavor of her home has been a challenge.  (You certainly can’t walk into any big-box store and find what you need.)  Susan knew that there had to be a better way find mid-century-inspired materials or to recreate them if they just didn’t exist.  Throwing her energy and passion behind the idea of bringing such products to the people, Susan created Make it Mid-Century for other like-minded mid-century enthusiasts.

Make it Mid-Century is starting with doors but has other concepts in the works for products that mid-century homeowners want and need. Have any ideas that you’d like to see implemented? [wp_colorbox_media url=”.inline_content” type=”inline” hyperlink=”Let us know”] – we’d love to hear from you.

At Make it Mid-Century, we make it for you.