Do I have to have a mid-century house to use your products?

Heck no.  We’re just trying to make it easier for folks that are in mid-century homes to find products that better fit the style of their homes, but you sure can use any of our products on whatever type of home you have, as long as you want it to look swell.


Can I buy a complete door from you guys?

The short answer is “yes”.  However, unless you’re within driving distance of St. Louis, Missouri, you might not like the shipping cost.  But if you’re game, we’re game.  Drop us a line on the custom order form and we’ll work it out with you.


Can you help me install the door kit / install the door?

Sorry, we are not equipped to send out people on-site to do installations.  However, we’ve given you detailed instructions along with some tips and tricks and we know you can do it!  Are you still wary about installing the kit yourself?  Find a local handyman.  Ask around for references, post an ad on sites such as Craigslist or find a handy friend or relative and ply them with some beer and pizza.  (A professional handyman you will have to ply with cash, just FYI.)


What kind payment types do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express along with Paypal.  Everything is hunky-dory as far as security, we use all of the latest and greatest technology to make sure that everything is secure.  One caveat; if you are using a debit card and have difficulties, it might be due to a limit that your bank or credit union may put on your debit card as a per day maximum.  Check with them if you have issues with your card.


What about sales tax? 

If you live in and/or have your product delivered to Missouri, you will have to pay sales tax.  If you are in the City of St. Louis, you will also pay local tax as well.  All other states are tax-free.  Yippee!


When does my payment go through?

Your payment is due in full at the time you place your order.  We understand that once paying you’d like your product immediately (Amazon has spoiled it for small businesses) but we need to be able to take our time to handcraft the quality products you expect.


I own an apartment complex / motel / multiple houses. Do you offer trade discounts or discounts for large orders?

That is certainly something that we would entertain for large orders.  Let us know what you had in mind (how many of what types of products, etc.) and we’ll work with you to provide you a quote.

Shipping and Returns

How much do you charge for shipping?

Our shipping is free for all items for standard 7-10 day delivery after manufacturing.  If that’s not fast enough, we can give you a quote for express shipping.  See below for more information on shipping times.


I’m so excited!  How long will it take to receive my order?

First, we’re totally cranked that you’re excited because we’re excited, too!  While we’d love to be the Amazon of mid-century goods, we’re just not set up that way.  We are a small, handcrafted shop that allows us to provide custom work as easily as the pre-designed products on the website.  Handcrafted work takes some time.  That said, here’s some more info:

  • Manufacturing:Manufacturing can take anywhere from 3 days (for small items) up to 2 weeks for larger products such as an exterior door kit where we might have to wait to get a special-order shape of tempered glass fired for us.  If we can cut time from that estimate, we’ll do it!  We want you to have your new product as much as you do.

  • Shipping:All of our products go out via a number of carriers, and we typically use standard shipping because of the exorbitant costs of shipping our odd box sizes.  If you would like us to ship your purchase more quickly just ask, and we’ll give you a quote to cover the additional cost.  Our standard shipping time is 7-10 days but again, if we can get a deal and get it shipped faster, you bet your boots we’ll do it.


Do you have any products in stock for immediate delivery?

On a rare occasion, we might have a sample product or a returned product that can be turned around quickly to get to you.  We don’t always advertise those on the web page, so please contact us if that’s something you need (but the answer might be “no” since we have a very small space for inventory at this time).


What is your return policy?  What if an item came damaged?

We want you to be happy with your purchase, but we know returns happen.  And a damaged item?  That’s a complete bummer because we try to pack each piece well.  Please see our return policy here.


Again, I’m excited!  How will I know when my product has been shipped?

We promise to send you tracking information as soon as the product has left our hands.  We’re obsessive about tracking our shipments, too, so we understand!


What about Alaska and Hawaii, we love mid-century stuff, too!

Alaska and Hawaii residents will need to pay a slight upcharge for shipping.  (We’re sorry!)  Residents of those states will also have to wait a little longer, too.  (We’re sorry again!)  Would it make you feel any better to know that several of us have been to either or both states and loved it there?

Exterior Door Kits

I really like this door but want another lite / I don’t want a lite at all / I wish it were a little bigger / a little smaller, etc.

Good news! Since all of our products are custom made for you, we can make adjustments like this. There might be an up-charge for additional materials or labor. Please go to the Custom Door page and fill out the information including the changes you would like to make, and we will get back to you with an updated sketch of the changes and a price for your approval.


I can’t find a solid core door anywhere. Can you help me?

We sure can! Start with your local hardware store or lumber yard and ask around. It’s always great to go local if you can – you certainly don’t want to pay shipping charges for a solid-core door from the internet. I don’t always condone big box stores, but sometimes you can order doors off of their website and have them delivered to either your house (for a fee) or your local store (for free). Even if the store does not have a solid core flush door listed for sale on their website, you may still be able to special-order it through their suppliers. Have you tried your local rehab store? Stores such as Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and other local places that remove and salvage items from buildings that are being torn down is another great place to look. Last, we found a resource on-line that delivered to us THE NEXT DAY for a reasonable fee. (We’re still over the moon about that). HD Supply is a company that has locations in many major cities and stocks solid core doors for apartment buildings. (www.hdsupply.com).


Tempered glass. What’s the deal?

All glazing in a door must be tempered for safety purposes per most U.S. building codes. The only exception is when the glass opening is small enough that a three-inch ball will not pass through the opening. We are strong proponents of the building code (must be the architect in us), and all of our glazing pieces (no matter the size) are tempered. Tempered glass must be labeled as such, either by a permanent method such as etching or by a non-removable (or tamper resistant) label. We think that building codes are there for a reason – to keep us all safe. If you believe that you might have any additional (or different) regulations about tempered glass in your area, you’ll need to check with a local building official and let us know – we’ll work with you to make your door kit comply.


Do you offer any other fun glass patterns other than frosted or reeded?

If you would like we can apply decorative film to your glass for a small upcharge. Contact us and we’ll let you know what options we have available. (*That’s what we’ve done to our doors here at Make it Mid-Century headquarters – we wanted a cool, horizontal line pattern that was not available in tempered glass, so we applied decorative film.)


Can I use an exterior door design on an interior door?

You sure can – just one bit of info. All of our exterior door kits are sized for an exterior door thickness (1 5/8”), and an interior door is typically 1 3/4” thick. Let us know that you would like to do this, and we’ll get back to you and verify the order.

Interior Door Kits

What’s an in-swing door? I’m not sure if I have one, and you asked me to tell you when ordering…

Stand on the side of the door where the door swings away from you. Will your door kit be installed on the side of the door facing you? (See our illustration here). That’s the inswing side because it swings inward, against the door stop. Because the door stop is usually between 3/8” and 1/2” deep (the part that hits your door when closed) we’ll make the design that you choose 3/4” smaller on the left, right and top where it would hit the doorstop so that you can still close your door. If you forget to tell us, and the design is a little too big, it’s a pretty easy fix with a saw. Better too large than too small!


I’ve got this great idea for a mermaid design for my bathroom door / a poker design for my man-cave / another geometric design you don’t offer. Can you make it?

We probably can. Shoot us a photo or sketch (or both) of what you would like to do using our custom door page and we’ll get back to you about any issues and a quote. We love doing custom work!


Can I use an interior door design for an exterior door?

Because our interior door designs are produced either out of MDF or interior grade hardwood plywood, they aren’t designed to be exposed to the elements. Paint and sealer can only go so far! However, if you have some great idea for using one of our interior door designs for an exterior door, contact us and we’ll talk!


Do I have to apply the design to a door? It would look peachy keen on a wall!

Heck, no! You can install the interior door designs anywhere you would like – on an interior door or a wall, and they will be equally as beautiful. You'll have to wing it on the mounting, but we know you can do it!

Garage Door Kits

Can I use spray paint on my garage door kits?

No, because it can degrade the recycled product that the kits are made of. We recommend an exterior grade paint made to weather the elements since garage doors are so exposed. Your garage door kit will come pre-primed and ready to go for its final coat. We love Sherwin-Williams’ Emerald® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint for your final coat, and it can be used both on the kits as well as your garage door.


I have a great idea for my flat garage door. Can you design something really far out for me even without me being much of an artist?

Sometimes ideas are hard to come by, so yes, we will do design work for you. We’ll need some things from you; inspiration photos, photos of your house and garage, other mid-century things that you like (or don’t). All of these things will get our wheels turning for a custom design just for you. We’ll work up some designs, get your approval and provide you with a quote. Then you will have to play the waiting game until your unique, and totally you garage door kit comes your way. Start your adventure here.


How do I measure to make sure that my garage door kit will fit?

Here’s a graphic for measuring for a door kit that will fit on a standard, raised panel garage door, and here's a graphic for measuring your door if you have a flat door and are wanting to do a custom kit.


Where did you get those fabulous vintage photos done that are on the website?

We are so glad you asked! Susan had the photos done at a wonderful studio in Kansas City, Missouri called Vixen Pin-Up Photography (www.vixenpinupphotography.com). Here’s what Susan has to say about them:
They are such a pleasure to work with…and the photographs! Who knew that I could look that good? (Not me!)
If you aren’t near the Kansas City area, make sure to check out their website as they sometimes take their photography on the road, and they might be coming to a city near you.


I love your logo. Who did your business graphics?

Uh, that would be Susan. She has a background in design (being an architect and all).


Your website is like wow. Who made it?

The Mascot Agency in St. Louis, Missouri. If you need any web design work done, they are amazing to work with. Ask for Jimmy and tell him we sent you!