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How to Make a SparkleLam™ Coffee Table

March 3, 2022

We realize not everyone is in the market for a countertop, but what about building your own coffee table? Using just a 1/4 sheet of SparkleLam™ and some pre-made legs, you can have your coffee table completed in a weekend!

Tools And Materials

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Step 00

Order your SparkleLam™ right away! SparkleLam™ takes 4-6 weeks for fulfillment. While you're waiting for your SparkleLam™ shipment, start gathering your other tools and materials. Now is a great time to practice!

Step 01

Print out the template pages and assemble using the dashed marks to align sheets.

Step 02

Glue together the two 3/4" thick MDF project panels (2'x4') to make a 1 1/2" thick rectangle.

Step 03

Place the template on the 1 1/2" thick rectangle and trace the kidney shape onto the MDF. Using a jigsaw, follow the line and cut out the shape.

Step 04

Using the jigsaw or laminate shears, cut three equal strips from the SparkleLam™ leaving an approximately 26" piece of laminate.

The strips will be used for the edge banding of the table. Don't worry if your cuts are not completely straight.

Step 05

Start with the edges and apply contact cement on both the edges of the kidney-shaped wood cutout and the back of the SparkleLam™ strips. Wait for the glue to tack up based on time on the glue directions.

Using your hands or a roller and starting from one end of the strips, slowly apply the strips to the edge of the kidney cutout.

Roll or smooth firmly to ensure proper contact.

Step 06

Using a router or rotary tool with a flush trim bit, trim off the top and bottom of the edge banding to be flush with the top and bottom of the wood kidney shape.

Step 07

Apply contact cement to the top of the wood kidney shape and the bottom of the remaining SparkleLam™. Wait for the glue to tack up based on the glue directions.

Place spacer strips of wood, cardboard, or plastic on the wood kidney shape to keep the SparkleLam™ and wood from touching one another. Working from one end of the kidney and using your hands or roller, slowly adhere the laminate to the wood. Go bit-by-bit, removing spacers as you go until the entire face has adhered.

Roll or smooth the surface firmly to ensure proper contact.

Step 08

Using a router or rotary tool with a flush trim bit, trim off the overhanging laminate to be flush with the wood kidney shape.

Step 09

Finish the wood legs using the wood finish selected.

Step 10

Flip the tabletop over on a soft surface. Determine leg locations. Using a drill and screwdriver, attach angled mounting plates to the underside of the tabletop. Finish by screwing legs into mounting plates and returning your finished table to an upright position.

Congratulations on your new coffee table!

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