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Interview with a Mid-Century Realtor
Dallas Edition Take Two

January 26, 2018

We're continuing our series, reaching out to Realtors who specialize in mid-century properties. Today we're back in Dallas, Texas, because everything is bigger in Texas - as shown by not one, but two realtors in the Dallas area who specialize in mid-century properties.  Today it's Ed Murchison of Virginia Cook Realtors.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. How long have you been a realtor?

I'm Ed Murchison with Virginia Cook, Realtors.  I have been a Realtor for 14 years.


How long have you been focusing on mid-century properties?

I have focused on Mid-century Modern homes since I started selling real estate.


What made you decide to specialize in mid-century homes?

I felt it was a segment of the market not understood by most realtors especially back in the early 2000’s.  I was shopping for a Mid-century Modern home for myself back in the mid-90’s and found it difficult to find agents that really understood what I wanted.


Do you only specialize in this style of home, or do you also work with other clients?

I focus on all modern homes and represent some of the top modern builders and developers that are doing cutting-edge modern developments working with creative young architects.


Do you work with commercial mid-century real estate or only residential?

I focus on residential properties only.


What range of ages do you consider mid-century in your work?

Most generally consider properties built between 1950 to 1969 to be mid-century.  However, I see buyers interested in mid-century modern who will also consider modern homes built in the 1970's and '80s as true MCM homes get harder to come by.


What’s the mid-century home climate where you are?

Very strong.  Great examples go very quickly and command a price premium over similar more traditional homes.


Do you see the desire for mid-century properties in your area growing or shrinking? What does the future hold as mid-century becomes even more “antique”?

I see the demand continuing to remain very strong.  Young buyers entering the market seem to be really drawn to the mid-century modern style.


Are there mid-century details of homes that are specific to your area of the country?

There aren't many architectural details that are specific to the Dallas area.  We do have homes by local architect/builder team Ju-Nel that are highly prized.  They are found in several desirable neighborhoods and were often built on more challenging lots that lead to more creative designs featuring multiple levels or split-level designs.


What is the typical price range for mid-century homes in your area?

Prices run the full range.  Most fall between $300k to $600k with architect-designed examples in premier neighborhoods going into the millions.


What is the demographic of your typical mid-century buyer?

They also run the full spectrum.  I have first time buyers in their late 20’s to buyers in their 60’s.  I have even sold an MCM to a couple in the 80’s that said that is the style they always wanted and now they could pay cash to get it.


What type of mid-century details are your clients looking for in a home?

Lots of windows are number one.  Vaulted ceilings with post and beam construction are always in high demand.


Would you sell to someone who is looking to tear down a mid-century home, or do you draw the line at working with that type of client?

My goal is to always market MCM homes to buyers that appreciate the architectural style and want to restore the home.


What do you do when you see a house that’s been “remuddled”?

I try to help buyers see how they could make changes to bring back the original character of the MCM style.


Do you have a favorite story from working as a realtor specializing in mid-century properties?

I think selling the original mid-century modern home to the couple in their 80’s is a favorite.  The home was so original and pure.  I had guessed someone in their 30’s would be my buyer.


Anything more you’d like us to know about you and your “relationship” with mid-century?

I love all things MCM.  I love furniture, art, cars...everything.  I really love the designs of Russell Wright.  He was an innovative designer that really brought modern designer products to the home for the first time.


Last question that I have to ask. Do you live in a mid-century home?

Yes, I live in a 1954 MCM designed by architect Thomas Scott Dean.

Many thanks to Ed Murchison of Virginia Cooke Realtors for willing to be interviewed.  Interested in working with Ed?  You can find him on his website, Mid Century Modern Dallas Homes.  You can also find him on Facebook!


Curious where we've been?  Here's a map for our current and past interviews.  We'll update it with each new interview with the goal of hitting all 50 states!

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