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Prices, They are A-changin’

September 30, 2023

Unfortunately, we're not the Piggly Wiggly from the 1950s, and you can't get a sweet Pyrex decanter for 79 cents anymore, either. (I wish!) Chances are that Pyrex was made right here in the United States, kind of like our products are right now. Unfortunately, the prices in the U.S. are continuing to go up, up, up, which means that we need to do the same. We don't like it, but otherwise, we can't stay in business.

Our margins here at Make it Mid-Century are SMALL. I mean TINY. Of course, our overhead is as low as we can get it, too. We don't have rent. We don't even have paid employees. We have a business that can pay for itself but nothing else. We have made enough to upgrade some of our shop equipment and pay for all of the software* and other office supplies we use daily, but if we don't raise prices, we won't even be able to do that shortly. (*Why, oh why, is all software subscription-based nowadays?!? I don't need a new version every five minutes - give me one version I can own for several years before I upgrade. Sheesh.)

We're also met with rising pricing of our materials and our partner processes. We've eaten two increases in laminate pressing prices over the last 12 months. You undoubtedly saw the price of lumber skyrocket during the pandemic, and it hasn't come down a whole lot since then. The glass for our door kits? We can't even keep up with how often the prices have changed. We haven't raised our prices since January 2022 - twenty-one months ago.

We are sometimes asked why our prices are so high when you can walk into a store and get something comparable to what we sell. (Note: we don't think it's comparable.) Our laminate, for instance, is quite a bit more expensive than laminate sheets you can walk into Home Depot and buy. However, our laminate paper is handmade, with actual glitter inclusions (not printed), and not something a giant company wants to reproduce. It takes us time to make the paper, and then we pay a premium for pressing because of the clean-up involved. (If you've ever used glitter in your house, you'll know what I mean - it gets EVERYWHERE!) Our door kits are also handmade, one at a time, custom for each order, out of real wood by real people right here in the United States. Nothing we sell is mass manufactured. You won't find glitter laminate anywhere else, and you won't find about 3/4 of the door kits we create anywhere else - they are one-of-a-kind, based on authentic designs of the era. Because we handmake everything to order, we can do that. We don't have to create bland products that appeal to the masses just to make a buck, and we like it that way. I hope you do, too.

So, thank you. Thank you so much for your support through the years. Thank you for your kindness and well-wishes and for supporting us by buying our products. Thank you for talking about us to your friends and neighbors - spreading the word helps a bunch, too! Just...thank you. I really can't say it enough.

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Piggly Wiggly Supermarket, 1950s. By Roadsidepictures on Flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED.

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