$ 350.00$ 400.00

The Beverly Jane

$ 350.00$ 400.00

Beverly Jane consists of a set of three equal star motifs connected at their tips by 1 ½” diameter half-spheres. Her stars are delicate but bold, running vertically on your door.

As shown here, Beverly Jane is finished with a navy-colored stain and clear top-coat, but you can imagine Beverly Jane in your own way!

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The panel is made from either ½” thick variegated hardwood core plywood with finish veneer or ½” MDF.  The variegated edges of the hardwood plywood are meant to be left exposed but should be treated with a clear finish to protect the ply.  The MDF kit comes paint ready while the hardwood kit works with either paint or stain.

The spheres are hardwood.

Both woods come sanded and ready for finishing. Directions and measurements are included in the package.

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