$ 300.00

The James

$ 300.00

James is made of a pair of offset v-shapes scaled to fit a 14″ x 8″ central panel.  Price is per four sets of two offset v-shapes (to fill four individual door panels).  Choose the total quantity appropriate for your design.

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Make it Mid-Century’s garage door molding appliques are designed to fit a center panel size of 14″ wide x 8″ high.  James’ offset v-shape can be formed with any one of six distinct profiles.  Each unit is pre-assembled and pre-primed for final paint and installation.  James comes as a set of four to cover four individual raised panel locations.  Order one or multiple kits to create your personal layout based on the number of panels on your garage door.  Paint James and/or the underlying door to create multiple designs.

The unit is manufactured from an exterior grade treated recycled hardwood product that has been pre-primed for your use.  Paint each unit the color of your choice using an exterior-grade latex paint.  Polyurethane construction adhesive is included for installation.

For assembly directions, click here.

Note: Please verify that the maximum panel size of 14″ x’8″ will fit your door prior to ordering.

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