Mini-Stars Ceramic Wall Tile


Our Mini-Stars tile has loads of tiny black stars on a field color. The stars on the tile extend off all four sides so that when used together in multiples the tiles align both horizontally and vertically. Perfect for kitchens or bath, our Mini-Stars tiles have a classy and classic look.



Our custom ceramic tiles start with a base of white Daltile to which our design is applied. Our Mini-Stars tiles are 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ x 5/16″ thick and include integral spacers (making each tile 4 9/32″ square). Both the semi-gloss and matte finishes are made for interior wall applications only. All of our products coordinate with white and some neutrals; specific coordinating products listed below. All tiles are custom orders and ship in 2-4 weeks.

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Coordinating Products:

Aqua (Semi-Gloss):

  • B&W Aqua

Blue (Semi-Gloss):

  • B&W Blue

Green (Semi-Gloss):

  • B&W Green

Lilac (Semi-Gloss):

  • B&W Lilac

Pink (Semi-Gloss):

  • B&W Pink

Garden Spot (Semi-Gloss)

  • Daltile Garden Spot

Carnation Pink (Semi-Gloss):

  • Daltile Carnation Pink

Wood Violet (Semi-Gloss):

Waterfall (Semi-Gloss):

  • Daltile Waterfall

Aqua Glow (Semi-Gloss):

  • Daltile Aqua Glow

Apple Green (Matte):

  • Daltile Apple Green

Spa Blue (Matte):

Sea Mist (Matte):

Chambray (Matte):

  • Daltile Chambray

Light Aqua (Matte):

Mint Green (Matte):

  • Whites and neutrals

Peach Pink (Matte):

  • Whites and neutrals

Pink (Matte):

Light Violet (Matte):


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Aqua (Semi-Gloss), Blue (Semi-Gloss), Green (Semi-Gloss), Lilac (Semi-Gloss), Pink (Semi-Gloss), Garden Spot (Semi-Gloss), Carnation Pink (Semi-Gloss), Wood Violet (Semi-Gloss), Waterfall (Semi-Gloss), Aqua Glow (Semi-Gloss), Apple Green (Matte), Chambray (Matte), Sea Mist (Matte), Spa Blue (Matte), Light Aqua (Matte), Mint Green (Matte), Peach Pink (Matte), Pink (Matte), Light Violet (Matte)

Single or Set

Individual Tile, Dozen