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  • Dark Blue Rectangle 3×5
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Solid Color Photo Frames


Liven up your photos with our mid-century-shaped frames in loads of fantastic colors! From 3″ x 3″ photos to 8″ x 10″ wall portraits, we’ve got your photographs covered.



Our solid color photo frames are paint on plywood with an exposed EuroPly edge and a spar urethane finish. Crystal clear plexiglass makes your images pop with button turn backings to make replacing photos a snap. Tabletop frames have a silver photo stand which can be mounted with the screws provided. Wall mount frames come with a sawtooth hanger to ensure level. We’ve even provided a cheeky photograph with each frame if you choose not to display friends or family. (I mean, who wouldn’t want a classic mid-century photo of Anthony Perkins sitting on their side table?)

Shipping is included with all frames.

Please note: This is an introductory price as we are still determining the best paint methods and materials to use with our frames. Some frames might have slight flaws as we work out the kinks in our production. Please see the photos for details.

Updated 9/30/2022 with remaining stock.

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Solid Color Frames

Aqua 3"x3", Blue 3"x3", Flamingo Pink 3"x3", Orange 3"x3", Purple 3"x3", Yellow 3"x3", Vertical Blue 3"x3", Vertical Green 3"x3", Aqua 4"x4", Orange 4"x4", Purple 4"x4", Yellow 4"x4", Blue 3 1/2"x5", Navy 3 1/2"x5", Blue 4"x6", Purple 4"x6", Blue 5"x7" Horizontal Wall, Blue 5"x7" Vertical Wall, Red 8"x10" Wall, Television Square Wall, Television Rectangle Wall