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Radioactive Ceramic Wall Tile


Our Radioactive tiles are created specifically to work with our full line of SparkleLam™. Perfect for kitchens or baths, our Radioactive tiles have a definite atomic flair. Now, where’s that fallout shelter?

The colors shown match our SparkleLam™. Did you know you can customize the color of your tile? See below for more information.


Our Radioactive tiles are 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ x 5/16″ thick and include integral spacers (making each tile 4 9/32″ square). Both the gloss and matte finishes are made for interior wall applications only. All tiles are custom orders and ship in 2-4 weeks.

Would you like to customize the color of your tile? We can match any of our solid tile or SparkleLam™ colors for free. Looking for a truly custom color? We can do that, too, for a $100 fee. Please contact us for more information.

Want to order a different quantity? Contact us.

For our installation and care instructions, click here.

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Radioactive Color Information:

Red Radioactive with Royal Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Dark Orange Radioactive with Sky Blue Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Lemon Yellow Radioactive with Red Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Lime Green Radioactive with  Royal Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Kelly Green Radioactive with Red Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Light Aqua Radioactive with Dark Violet Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Dark Aqua Radioactive with Dark Orange Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Sky Blue Radioactive with Dark Orange Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Royal Blue Radioactive with Lemon Yellow Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Dark Sky Radioactive with Pink Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Light Violet Radioactive with Sky Blue Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Dark Violet Radioactive with Lime Green Dots (Gloss & Matte)
Pink Radioactive with Dark Violet Dots (Gloss & Matte)

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Gloss, Matte


Red, Dark Orange, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Kelly Green, Light Aqua, Dark Aqua, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Sky, Light Violet, Dark Violet, Pink