• SparkleLam Frames Main
  • Pink Vertical Quad
  • Pink Teardrop
  • Light Aqua Vertical Quad
  • Light Aqua Two Fillet
  • Light Aqua Single Fillet
  • Dark Sky Square Quad
  • Dark Aqua Vertical Quad
  • Dark Aqua Two Fillet
  • Dark Aqua Teardrop

SparkleLam™ Photo Frames


Liven up your photos with our mid-century-shaped frames covered in our famous SparkleLam™! From single 3″ x 3″ frames to both vertical and square quad 3″ x 3″ openings, we have a frame for you. Get your shimmer on!



Wish you could have a dash of SparkleLam™ in your home but don’t need new countertops? These are the frames for you! Our SparkleLam™ photo frames are made by applying our famous glitter laminate to EuroPly plywood with an exposed edge finished with spar urethane. Upgraded, thick, crystal clear plexiglass makes your images pop with button turn backings to make replacing photos a snap. Tabletop frames have a silver photo stand which can be mounted with the screws provided. Wall mount frames come with a sawtooth hanger to ensure level.

The single, small frames hold one 3″ x 3″ photo. The quad opening frames hold four 3″ x 3″ photos.

Shipping is included with all frames.

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SparkleLam™ Frames

Pink Vertical Quad, Pink Dual Fillet, Pink Teardrop, Pink Single Fillet, Dark Orange Square Quad, Dark Orange Dual Fillet, Dark Orange Teardrop, Dark Orange Single Fillet, Light Aqua Vertical Quad, Light Aqua Dual Fillet, Light Aqua Teardrop, Light Aqua Single Fillet, Dark Sky Square Quad, Dark Sky Teardrop, Dark Sky Single Fillet, Dark Aqua Vertical Quad, Dark Aqua Dual Fillet, Dark Aqua Teardrop, Dark Aqua Single Fillet