SparkleLam™ Share-a-Sheet


Love our SparkleLam™ but don’t need a full twelve-foot sheet? Now you can share a sheet with others in any color and sparkle combination you would like. Yippee!



Our SparkleLam™  is the culmination of more than a year of testing, trying to replicate the original glitter laminate to appear as close to the original as possible.  Our product comes with a satin finish in industry-grade 0.040” thick laminate with sanded back which can be utilized both horizontally or vertically. (Please note that this is not a flooring product.) Note: This product may not be used for post-forming.

For our installation and care instructions, click here.

Important Information

Our laminate pressing partner requires a full twelve-foot length to press. We are using your order along with orders from other customers to create a full twelve-foot sheet which will then be cut apart and shipped to each of the customers. Your order will not be processed until we have enough orders to create one twelve-foot length. We require a 50% payment with your order and we will send you an invoice for the other 50% of the payment once we have enough customers for the shared sheet. There are no refunds on the downpayment since failing to honor your pre-order will impact all other customers involved.

Please see our FAQ here on our Share-a-Sheet program.

Note: Laminate fulfillment takes 4-6 weeks AFTER there are enough orders for a full sheet. Please plan accordingly.

Additional information


Red, Dark Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Kelly Green, Light Aqua, Dark Aqua, Sky Blue, Dark Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Violet, Pink, Gray, Black, White, Bright Pink

Inclusion Style

Gold, Silver, Gold and Silver


Quarter Sheet (4'-0" x 3'-0"), Half Sheet (4'-0" x 6'-0")