SparkleLam™ Sheets


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Our SparkleLam™  is the culmination of more than a year of testing, trying to replicate the original glitter laminate to appear as close to the original as possible.  Our product comes with a satin finish in industry grade 0.040” thick laminate with sanded back which can be utilized both horizontally or vertically. (Please note that this is not a flooring product.) Our sheets are 4’x12’, big enough and long enough for a number of projects.  Note: This product may not be used for post-forming.

For our installation and care instructions, click here.

Further  Information

Yes, we know. A 4’x12′ sheet of laminate is a lot more laminate than some people need.  Right now we can’t do smaller runs for one person, but we can try to match you up with someone else who would like a smaller piece so that you can share. Contact us if you are interested in laminate match-making!

Need a custom color? We have twenty-four additional colored papers that can be used in our laminate process. Need a larger sample? For either request, please contact us for details.

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White, Light Aqua, Dark Aqua, Pink

Inclusion Style

Gold, Silver, Gold and Silver