• Spiro All
  • Spiro Gloss Blue
  • Spiro Gloss Collage Blue
  • Spiro Gloss Gulf Blue
  • Spiro Gloss Collage Gulf Blue
  • Spiro Gloss Lilac
  • Spiro Gloss Collage Lilac
  • Spiro Gloss Limelight
  • Spiro Gloss Collage Limelight
  • Spiro Gloss Pink
  • Spiro Gloss Collage Pink
  • Spiro Gloss Regency Blue
  • Spiro Gloss Collage Regency Blue
  • Spiro Gloss Seafoam
  • Spiro Gloss Collage Seafoam
  • Spiro Gloss Sky Blue
  • Spiro Gloss Collage Sky Blue
  • Spiro Gloss Suntan
  • Spiro Gloss Collage Suntan
  • Spiro Gloss Yellow
  • Spiro Gloss Collage Yellow
  • Spiro Matte Dark Gray
  • Spiro Matte Collage Dark Gray
  • Spiro Matte Daylight
  • Spiro Matte Collage Daylight
  • Spiro Matte Jet Blue
  • Spiro Matte Collage Jet Blue
  • Spiro Matte Luxe Gray
  • Spiro Matte Collage Luxe Gray
  • Spiro Matte Orange Clay
  • Spiro Matte Collage Orange Clay
  • Spiro Matte Perfectly Purple
  • Spiro Matte Collage Perfectly Purple
  • Spiro Matte Treehouse
  • Spiro Matte Collage Treehouse
  • Spiro Matte True Yellow
  • Spiro Matte Collage True Yellow

Spiro Ceramic Wall Tile


Our Spiro tiles have a repeating diamond shape forming a geometric star with thirty-two points. Perfect for kitchens or baths, our Spiro tile line is a subtle but intriguing two-color option.

Did you know you can customize the color of your tile? See below for more information.



Our Spiro tiles are 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ x 5/16″ thick and include integral spacers (making each tile 4 9/32″ square). Both the gloss and matte finishes are made for interior wall applications only. All tiles are custom orders and ship in 2-4 weeks.

Would you like to customize the color of your tile? We can match any of our SparkleLamâ„¢ colors for free. Looking for a truly custom color? We can do that, too for a $100 fee. Please contact us for more information.

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Gloss, Matte


Blue, Gulf Blue, Lilac, Limelight, Pink, Regency Blue, Seafoam, Sky Blue, Suntan, Yellow, Dark Gray, Daylight, Jet Blue, Luxe Gray, Orange Clay, Perfectly Purple, Treehouse, True Yellow