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The Carl


Carl is a triple diamond set sized to fit your garage door panel. Our appliques come in a set of four to cover four garage door panels. See images for ideas on how to apply Carl.

Carl can be ordered in any one of seven molding profiles.

See Further Information below for a diagram showing how to measure your garage door panel.



Make it Mid-Century’s garage door molding appliques are designed specifically for the universal raised panel garage door design.  Each unit is preassembled and pre-primed for your final paint and installation.  Create your personal layout based on the number of panels on your garage door.  Paint Carl and/or the underlying door to create multiple different designs.

Further Information

In order for our product to fit your door perfectly, we will need measurements of your door panel.  Please use this measuring diagram to measure your doors and input your dimensions in inches. (Note: Input fractions as decimals, i.e. 1/4″ as .25″). If your panel measures larger than 20″ wide or 15″ high, please contact us.

Have an unusual panel garage door? We can create a garage door kit specifically for your door. Contact us for details.

Download installation brochure here.

Additional information

Molding Style

GM-01 Rectangular (Standard), GM-02 Ranch, GM-03 Reveal, GM-04 Stepped, GM-05-Reeded, GM-06 Half-Round, GM-07 Arched