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The Doris Christine


Doris Christine is a member of our Donna Mibus series.  Varying sizes of asymmetrical rounded rectangles run down the length of a ¾” half-round rod ending at the top and the bottom with a 2” diameter half-sphere.  The rod is punctuated in the center of each rounded rectangle with additional half-spheres in 2 ½” and 3” sizes



We’re proud to collaborate with artist Donna Mibus to bring you the Donna Mibus series of door appliques. See more of Donna’s work here.

The individual parts are made from 3/4” thick variegated hardwood core plywood with either Maple or Walnut veneer or from MDF. The variegated edges of the plywood are meant to be left exposed but should be treated with a clear finish to protect the ply.

Directions for mounting, measurements, and glue for attachment are included in the package.

Need a door for your kit? See our information here on where you can purchase a door.

For assembly directions, click here.

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Maple Ply (standard), Walnut Ply, MDF