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The Henry Arthur


The Henry Arthur shutter has square cut-outs centered on each shutter from one to four depending on the height of the shutter. Choose your shutter size from our most-commonly requested sizes, or ask about custom sizes (see Further Information below).

You can choose from rectangular, round top, V-style, and X-style shutters for a custom look for your mid-century home.

Shutter price is for one pair. When purchasing multiple pairs, prices are discounted in cart.


You won’t mistake our shutters for those plastic, big-box store shutters; our shutters are beefy! The Henry Arthur shutter set consists of one pair of shutters constructed from a heavy-duty recycled wood material suited for exterior exposure. Boards are grooved and not individual pieces for ease of maintenance. All shutters come pre-primed, ready for the paint of your choice. Included is our standard, non-operable mounting hardware set consisting of four (two per shutter) polycarbonate L-brackets which support the top and bottom of each shutter for a concealed appearance.

Further Information

Looking for a different size? We can manufacture shutters from 10” to 30” wide in ¼” increments and shutter heights from 30” to 96” also in ¼” increments. Please contact us for more information.

Looking for shutters in other materials such as cedar, redwood or mahogany? Would you like your shutters factory painted? Have a different design in mind? We can do all of that, too, just contact us.

For mounting directions, click here.

Additional information


12” x 30”, 12” x 36”, 12” x 39”, 12” x 42”, 12” x 48”, 12” x 51”, 12” x 54”, 12” x 58”, 15” x 30”, 15” x 36”, 15” x 39”, 15” x 42”, 15” x 48”, 15” x 51”, 15” x 54”, 15” x 58”


Rectangular, Round top, V-style, X-style