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The Lisa Marie


Lisa Marie is a customizable signboard reminiscent of the iconic neon Las Vegas strip sign. She can be ordered with text matching the original design or with customization on the LAS VEGAS and NEVADA lines. Some examples are provided, but please fill out the customization section to let us know how you would like your Lisa Marie to look.



The individual parts are made from 1/2” thick variegated hardwood core plywood with either Maple or Walnut veneer or from MDF. The variegated edges of the plywood are meant to be left exposed but should be treated with a clear finish to protect the ply. Note: Characters for custom signage are limited to eight for both the LAS VEGAS and NEVADA lines. Due to the height of this design, this kit will ship in pieces to accommodate shipping regulations.

Directions for mounting, measurements, and glue for attachment are included in the package.

Note: Due to the multiple depths of applied materials, this design protrudes up to 2” and can be quite heavy. Make sure that you have an appropriate attachment to the door surface; a solid-core door is recommended for this application. Door not included.

Need a solid core door for your kit? See our information here on where you can purchase a door.

For assembly directions, click here.

Additional information


Maple Ply (standard), Walnut Ply, MDF


Las Vegas (standard), Customized