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The Pamela


Pamela is classic and symmetrical consisting of a three-four-three grouping of moldings and windows which span the extent of your door.  The four windows create a glass band down the center of your door which will let in plenty of sunlight and will provide a view out, even with the door closed, if you choose the clear glass option.



The Pamela door kit comes with 3/4″ half-round decorative exterior moldings, pre-assembled exterior window trim and four window kits of parts made to install in the door of your choosing.  All four glass pieces are pre-edged with neoprene gaskets to discourage any leaks when the kit is assembled. Glass is ordered on the first of the month and takes about four weeks to arrive in our shop. Kits are not started until glass arrives; plan accordingly.

The kit includes:
Exterior decorative molding, exterior window molding, interior window trim molding, four pieces of tempered glass† with gasketed edges, trim nails, screws, and wood screw covers. This is a kit; the door is not included. See below.

Further Information

For assembly directions, click here.

Need a solid core door for your kit?  See our information here on where you can purchase a door.

†See FAQ on tempered glass for important information.

Additional information

Glass Type

Single Pane Clear, Single Pane Reed, Single Pane Frost, Dual Pane Clear, Dual Pane Reed, Dual Pane Frost