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The Wanda


Wanda is simple yet beautiful with three square frame moldings oriented vertically on the door with the punctuation of a smaller square window at the top.  The window gives Wanda a medium level of privacy which can be increased by choosing the frost option.


The Wanda door kit comes with pre-cut exterior moldings along with a single window kit of parts made to install in the door of your choosing.  All kit pieces come preassembled to the greatest extent possible.  The glass is pre-edged with neoprene gaskets to discourage any leaks when the kit is assembled. Note: Wanda is not available in dual pane glass options.

The kit includes:
Exterior decorative molding, window trim molding, tempered glass† with gasketed edge, trim nails, screws and wood screw covers.

Further Information

For assembly directions, click here.

Need a solid core door for your kit?  See our information here on where you can purchase a door.

†See FAQ on tempered glass for important information.

Additional information

Glass Type

Single Pane Clear, Single Pane Frost, Single Pane Reed