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The William


William’s intersecting triple diamond design is custom made for one of nine different garage door sizes and is formed with two rectangular profiles.

See Further Information below to verify your panel size.



Make it Mid-Century’s full garage door molding kits are designed for garage doors with a flat panel design. Each piece is pre-primed for final paint and installation. The full design will be cut to break at the hinge points of each panel so that they fit together as closely as possible when the door is closed.

William can be purchased for either single or double flat panel garage doors. Because of the intersecting pattern, William can only be ordered in the rectangular molding. For William, we use two depths of rectangular molding so that the outer diamonds are shorter and the middle diamond is taller.

The kit is manufactured from an exterior grade recycled hardwood product that has been pre-primed for your use. Paint each unit the color of your choice using an exterior-grade latex paint.  Construction adhesive is included for installation.

Further Information

If you are unsure about your garage door size, please use this measuring diagram.

Please verify your panel height.  For 7′-0″ high garage doors, each panel (letters a through d in this diagram) should measure 1′-9″.  For 8′-0″ high garage doors, each panel should measure 2′-0″. If your measurements differ, please contact us before ordering. Looking to purchase a flat panel garage door for your kit? See our information here on where you can purchase a door.

Have a custom door size? We can create a garage door kit specifically for your door. Contact us for details.

Download installation brochure here.

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8’x7’ Single, 9'x7' Single, 10’x7’ Single, 8’x8’ Single, 9’x8’ Single, 12’x7’ Double, 14’x7’ Double, 15’-6” x 7’ Double, 16’x7’ Double