$ 675.00$ 1,050.00

The William

$ 675.00$ 1,050.00

William’s intersecting triple diamond design is available in nine of the most common garage door sizes and can be formed with any one of seven distinct profiles.

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Make it Mid-Century’s full garage door molding kits are designed for garage doors with four flat door sections. The full door design is created for the garage door size selected with joint locations matching each panel for unobstructed function of your door.

The kit is manufactured from an exterior grade treated recycled hardwood product that has been pre-primed for your use. Paint each unit the color of your choice using an exterior-grade latex paint. As shown here, the garage door has been painted brown with lighter beige and orange accents within the molding with the molding painted a dark red for contrast. Polyurethane construction adhesive is included for installation.

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Note: 7′ tall doors have panels that measure 1′-9″ high. 8′ tall doors have panels that measure 2′-0″ high. Verify overall height, width and panel height prior to ordering.

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