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Below are the coordinating colors for B&W and Daltile. The real colors are shown on the left of the slider and our coordinating colors on the right. All tiles have been photographed under optimal light conditions with true 5500K daylight bulbs.

Disclaimer: Please use these comparisons to understand the variations between the manufacturer and our best color coordination. All computer monitors, phones, etc. will show different renditions of color. Do not use the color shown on your screen or device as a color match. Understand also that all man-made products will vary based on dye lot and production runs. Color will also vary based on light conditions such as the color temperature of bulbs used in light fixtures. Last, color is subjective. We recommend that if you have concerns, you first purchase an individual tile to check for coordination with your project.

B&W Tile (Semi-Gloss)
B&W Aqua 26WOur Tile

B&W Aqua 26W

B&W Ivory 14WOur Tile

B&W Ivory 14W

B&W Lemon 32WOur Tile

B&W Lemon 32W

B&W Pink 70WOur Tile

B&W Pink 70W

B&W Blue 20WOur Tile

B&W Blue 20W

B&W Jade 42WOur Tile

B&W Jade 42W

B&W Lilac 90WOur Tile

B&W Lilac 90W

B&W Rose Petal 73WOur Tile

B&W Rose Petal 73W

B&W Green 40WOur Tile

B&W Green 40W

B&W Kiwi Satin 43SOur Tile

B&W Kiwi Satin 43S

B&W Medium Green 46WOur Tile

B&W Medium Green 46W

B&W Yellow 30WOur Tile

B&W Yellow 30W

Dal-Tile (Semi-Gloss)
Daltile Aegean Q192Our Tile

Daltile Aegean Q192

Daltile Architectural Gray 0109Our Tile

Daltile Architectural Gray 0109

Daltile Black K111Our Tile

Daltile Black K111

Daltile Chianti Q094Our Tile

Daltile Chianti Q094

Daltile Coral Bead Q092Our Tile

Daltile Coral Bead Q092

Daltile Electric Blue Q194Our Tile

Daltile Electric Blue Q194

Daltile Garden Spot 0141Our Tile

Daltile Garden Spot 0141

Daltile Key Lime Q098Our Tile

Daltile Key Lime Q098

Daltile Ocean Blue Q049Our Tile

Daltile Ocean Blue Q049

Daltile Pumpkin Spice Q090Our Tile

Daltile Pumpkin Spice Q090

Daltile Suede Gray 0182Our Tile

Daltile Suede Gray 0182

Daltile Uptown Taupe 0132Our Tile

Daltile Uptown Taupe 0132

Daltile Wood Violet Q467Our Tile

Daltile Wood Violet Q467

Daltile Almond 0135 & K165Our Tile

Daltile Almond 0135 & K165

Daltile Artisan Brown 0144Our Tile

Daltile Artisan Brown 0144

Daltile Carnation Pink Q095Our Tile

Daltile Carnation Pink Q095

Daltile Citric Bloom Q140Our Tile

Daltile Citric Bloom Q140

Daltile Crisp Linen 0139Our Tile

Daltile Crisp Linen 0139

Daltile Firebrick Q093Our Tile

Daltile Firebrick Q093

Daltile Go Green Q170Our Tile

Daltile Go Green Q170

Daltile Moon Beam Q091Our Tile

Daltile Moon Beam Q091

Daltile Orange Burst Q097Our Tile

Daltile Orange Burst Q097

Daltile Sea Breeze Q174Our Tile

Daltile Sea Breeze Q174

Daltile Sunflower DH50Our Tile

Daltile Sunflower DH50

Daltile Urban Putty 0161Our Tile

Daltile Urban Putty 0161

Daltile Aqua Glow 0197Our Tile

Daltile Aqua Glow 0197

Daltile Biscuit K175Our Tile

Daltile Biscuit K175

Daltile Champagne Toast Q150Our Tile

Daltile Champagne Toast Q150

Daltile Cobalt DM14Our Tile

Daltile Cobalt DM14

Daltile Desert Gray X114Our Tile

Daltile Desert Gray X114

Daltile Galaxy 1469Our Tile

Daltile Galaxy 1469

Daltile Ice Gray K176Our Tile

Daltile Ice Gray K176

Daltile Mustard Q012Our Tile

Daltile Mustard Q012

Daltile Plum Crazy Q178Our Tile

Daltile Plum Crazy Q178

Daltile Spa 0148Our Tile

Daltile Spa 0148

Daltile Totally Tangerine Q151Our Tile

Daltile Totally Tangerine Q151

Daltile Waterfall 0169Our Tile

Daltile Waterfall 0169

Dal-Tile (Matte)
Daltile Almond X735Our Tile

Daltile Almond X735

Daltile Bermuda QF55Our Tile

Daltile Bermuda QF55

Daltile Bordeaux QF47Our Tile

Daltile Bordeaux QF47

Daltile Copper QF74Our Tile

Daltile Copper QF74

Daltile Green Apple QF30Our Tile

Daltile Green Apple QF30

Daltile Pearl White 0799Our Tile

Daltile Pearl White 0799

Daltile Sienna QF20Our Tile

Daltile Sienna QF20

Daltile Urban Putty 0761Our Tile

Daltile Urban Putty 0761

Daltile Amber QF07Our Tile

Daltile Amber QF07

Daltile Biscuit K775Our Tile

Daltile Biscuit K775

Daltile Chambray QF68Our Tile

Daltile Chambray QF68

Daltile Desert Gray X714Our Tile

Daltile Desert Gray X714

Daltile Lapis QF46Our Tile

Daltile Lapis QF46

Daltile Pecan QF50Our Tile

Daltile Pecan QF50

Daltile Spa Blue QF44Our Tile

Daltile Spa Blue QF44

Daltile Aquarius QF61Our Tile

Daltile Aquarius QF61

Daltile Black K711Our Tile

Daltile Black K711

Daltile Coal QF45Our Tile

Daltile Coal QF45

Daltile Elemental Tan 0766Our Tile

Daltile Elemental Tan 0766

Daltile Marmelade QF71Our Tile

Daltile Marmelade QF71

Daltile Sea Mist QF41Our Tile

Daltile Sea Mist QF41

Daltile Tahoe QF66Our Tile

Daltile Tahoe QF66

SparkleLam™ Matches
SparkleLam™ RedOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Red

SparkleLam™ Lime GreenOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Lime Green

SparkleLam™ Dark AquaOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Dark Aqua

SparkleLam™ Dark SkyOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Dark Sky

SparkleLam™ PinkOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Pink

SparkleLam™ Dark OrangeOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Dark Orange

SparkleLam™ Kelly GreenOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Kelly Green

SparkleLam™ Sky BlueOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Sky Blue

SparkleLam™ Light VioletOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Light Violet

SparkleLam™ YellowOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Yellow

SparkleLam™ Light AquaOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Light Aqua

SparkleLam™ Royal BlueOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Royal Blue

SparkleLam™ Dark VioletOur Tile

SparkleLam™ Dark Violet

Sherwin-Williams Color Swatch Coordinates
Semi-Gloss Tile
B&W Color B&W Number Sherwin-Williams Color
Antique Black 99W 6258 Tricorn Black
Aqua 26W 6485 Raindrop
Black 92W 6991 Black Magic
Blue 20W 6492 Jetstream
Bone 51W 6414 Rice Paddy
Cobalt Blue C220 6811 Honorable Blue
Dark Oatmeal 860 6652 Flan
Fawn 53W 6121 Whole Wheat
Green 40W 6737 Kiwi
Ivory 14W 6133 Muslin
Jade 42W 6747 Argyle
Kiwi Satin 43S 6421 Celery
Lemon 32W 6415 Hearts of Palm
Lilac 9W 6304 Pressed Flower
Linen 17W 6364 Eggwhite
Medium Green 46W 6738 Vegan
Pink 70W 6344 Peach Fuzz
Root Beer 58W 6356 Copper Mountain
Rose Petal 73W 6577 Jaipur Pink
Shadow 68W 6159 High Tea
Tan 50W 6372 Inviting Ivory
Yellow 30W 6702 Lively Yellow
Daltile Color Daltile Number Sherwin-Williams Color
Aegean Q192 6754 Ionian
Almond 0135 6133 Muslin
Aqua Glow 0197 6758 Aqueduct
Architectural Gray 0109 6421 Celery
Artisan Brown 0144 6139 Mossy Gold
Biscuit K175 6161 Nonchalant White
Black K111 6991 Black Magic
Carnation Pink Q095 6591 Amaryllis
Champagne Toast Q150 6132 Relic Bronze
Chianti Q094 6608 Rave Red
Citric Bloom Q140 6712 Luau Green
Cobalt DM14 6811 Honorable Blue
Coral Bead Q092 6881 Cayenne
Crisp Linen 0139 6133 Muslin
Desert Gray X114 6190 Filmy Green
Electric Blue Q194 6769 Maxi Teal
Firebrick Q093 6864 Cherry Tomato
Galaxy 1469 6762 Poseiden
Garden Spot 0141 6418 Rural Green
Go Green Q170 6925 Envy
Ice Gray K176 6205 Comfort Gray
Key Lime Q098 6919 Fusion
Moon Beam Q091 6702 Lively Yellow
Mustard Q012 6905 Goldfinch
Ocean Blue Q049 SW 6942 Splashy
Orange Burst Q097 6880 Energetic Orange
Plum Crazy Q178 6841 Dynamo
Pumpkin Spice Q090 6370 Saucy Gold
Sea Breeze Q174 6509 Georgian Boy
Spa 0148 6211 Rainwashed
Suede Gray 0182 6200 Link Gray
Sunflower DH50 6910 Daisy
Totally Tangerine Q151 6895 Laughing Orange
Uptown Taupe 0132 6151 Quiver Tan
Urban Putty 0161 6156 Ramie
Waterfall 0169 6514 Respite
Wood Violet Q467 6557 Wood Violet
Matte Tile
Daltile Color Daltile Number Sherwin-Williams Color
Matte Almond X735 7010 White Duck
Matte Biscuit K775 6385 Dover White
Matte Black K711 6258 Tricorn Black
Matte Desert Gray X714 7057 Silver Strand
Matte Elemental Tan 0766 6158 Sawdust
Matte Pearl White 0799 7009 Pearly White
Matte Urban Putty 0761 6134 Netsuke
Amber QF07 6369 Tassel
Aquarius QF61 6803 Danube
Bermuda QF55 6754 Ionian
Bordeaux QF47 6334 Flower Pot
Chambray QF68 6515 Leisure Blue
Coal QF45 6994 Greenblack
Copper QF74 6886 Invigorate
Green Apple QF30 6918 Humorous Green
Lapis QF46 6811 Honorable Blue
Marmalade QF71 6655 Adventure Orange
Pecan QF50 6349 Pennywise
Sea Mist QF41 6486 Reflecting Pool
Sienna QF20 6646 Orange Blast
Spa Blue QF44 7802 Jacaranda
Tahoe QF66 6475 Country Squire

Note:  If a B&W or Daltile tile color is not listed, we do not have a coordinating tile color and thus have not provided a Sherwin-Williams number.

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